Week 4 discussion


  • Review the article titled “Examining What Matters Most Using Workforce Analytics“, located at http://peopleclick.com/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=ya1Cdq-jPpM%3D&tabid=389. Next, discuss the type of metrics and analytics that could provide an organization with the information it needs to make better decisions regarding the acquisition of human capital. Then, give your opinion on whether or not generating and reporting more HR metrics will result in better individual, unit, and organizational performance. Justify your response. 
  • Review the article titled “Metrics for justifying the cost of automation”, located at http://www.comparehris.com/HRIs-justification/  Next, predict what the next generation of HRIS functionality will be, and postulate how it will generate reductions in cost compared to the current functionality of HRIS. Identify what factors human resource managers would use in developing a cost-benefit ratio to support the decision to purchase future HRIS.

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