Unit 4 Assignment



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Unit 4 Assignment
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You are presenting your findings the CEO – you want it professional! You are presenting information on how to make expats more effective in managing in the country that you selected for the assignment.

As always, you are required to use something from the textbook. You are expected to use material from the textbook and outside sources.

  • Discuss the country you selected and why you selected it
  • Discuss the values of the country – compare them to the US
  • Discuss how the values will impact effective communication
  • Discuss how the manager can use the information from the values in social situations

Make sure that you include your cover page and works cited page as always.

Be creative but professional and use visuals to support the verbal content. Make sure that you do not write a paper on power point, but use the power point format to make the most important factors stand out.


Here are some websites to help you with finding information about the countries that you select for the writing assignment.

Websites for information on Countries and their Cultures









You will probably have to copy and paste them into your web browser.


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