Religious homework help


1. What does discipleship entail according to Mark chapters 9 and 10? Cite specific scripture passages from the chapters that describe discipleship and include appropriate references to Cory and Imperato.                  

2. Compare and contrast what happens after Jesus dies on the cross in Mark and Matthew. Cite significant details that are similar or different.  Include references to Imperato and Cory.

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Religious homework help
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3.From the reading describe how Luke’s portrait of Jesus differs from that of Mark and Matthew.  Use Imperato and Cory to support your discussion.


4. Discuss the three high christological titles that John uses for Jesus and why these titles give John’s portrait of Jesus a unique place in all of the gospels. List the titles and cite evidence from the course texts to support your response.  To answer this question you must read closely all of chapter 9 in the text: A Voyage Through the New Testament (Cory).

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