Power Point Presentation


Create a 7
slide presentation comparing and contrasting two major off
shelf software packa
ges that could be
implemented in an organization. Identify which functionality would be likely to be used as
is, and highlight what may need
to be added or modified. Briefly describe what issues you may be likely to face in the effort to modify the package
. You
may use various sources from the company web site. Be sure to cite all sources used in a reference slide with proper APA
formatting. (Cover and reference slides do not count in the length requirement). You may also use the slide notes
Be s
ure to include the following in your presentation:
Two major off the shelf software packages
Description of how they may be used in an organization
Identification of features to be used as
is, possible modifications and additions
Brief summary describing
issues to be faced in the modification of the package
Proper APA formatting of citations and references

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