Only bid if you can meet budget – Discussion



250 words with one scholarly sources with in-text citation.

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Only bid if you can meet budget – Discussion
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Part 1

In the following scenario, consider your current organization with you as the company trainer. You are asked to deliver a two day workshop for managers on effective feedback skills. It is focused primarily on performance reviews. Approximately 100 managers need to be trained. Considering the information that follows, what approach would you take to prepare for the workshop?

§ Describe what the content of the training would entail.

§ Explain the methods you would use ( e. g., lecture, case study, role- play) and why.

§ Identify the instructional media and equipment you would want and explain why.

§ Determine what type of room configuration would be most effective, and why?

§ Calculate the number of sessions you would need for this number of managers, and explain why.

Part 2

Your course materials for this week makes specific reference to a company using enterprise applications in order to achieve operational excellence and customer intimacy. What are enterprise systems and how did they give companies the ability to improve the processes in virtually all the company operations? Briefly summarize how enterprise systems improve two of the four functional areas of the business. Be sure to also include your own personal analysis of how enterprise systems make such improvements.

Make sure that you also provide a reference to the course materials and/or an outside source to support your analysis.  

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