Need 2 assignments


Assignment 1

Sherwood Management has decided to enter a new international geographic market, specifically Nigeria. Potential customers in Nigeria will be visiting your plant in the next month.

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Need 2 assignments
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In a 1-2 page paper, address the following; APA format

  • What are some strategies you can use to learn more about a non-U.S. culture?
  • Research Nigerian customs and what may be expected of you as the host site.
  • Identify specific resources you find useful to recommend to fellow co-workers.
  • Explain the preparations you will make with your staff. What you can expect during the presentations, and any challenges you anticipate during your negotiations.

Assignment 2

As part of a global environment, managers need to be aware of many legal regulations and customs of the countries they do business with. For this assignment, you will focus on how different countries accommodate disabilities.

To begin with, revisit how the U.S. accommodates disabilities through the Americans with Disabilities Act. Next, choose a country other than the United States and Japan to research. Study how disabilities are accommodated in that country (e.g., is there an equivalent to the Americans with Disabilities Act, accommodations in school, accessible areas, etc.?) Compare and contrast these accommodations with the U.S. information on how disabilities are accommodated here.

Be sure to include a short overview of the selected country and/or culture as a whole. Also include how the accommodation of disabilities affects the management of a diverse, international workforce. Submit an APA-formatted, 3-page paper on the topic, including appropriate citations as outside research is required.

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