Moving Weight Trucking Final Project


Acting as a consultant, review the Moving Weight Trucking Case Study, which focuses on talent management components, critically assessing human capital developmental opportunities based on topics covered in the course.


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Moving Weight Trucking Final Project
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After reading the scenario, use the scenario to complete the following:

Develop an action plan that contains the following:


  1. Develop a 1-2 page summary of talent management opportunities presented in the scenario focusing on the topics covered in the course.
  2. Create a performance appraisal tool based on the four (4) tools introduced in this course.
  3. Create An action plan for low performing employees utilizing a 6-step model
  4. Develop an outline of how the action plan will be used to evaluate performance.
  5. Prepare a 10 slide Power Point presentation with graphics that summarizes your action plan.

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