Medicare Insurance Billing Protocol for John Cathar


The billing assistant is out sick today and the office manager has asked you to fill in. Before entering the billing office, you decide to quickly review the office protocol for Medicare insurance billing. While reading the procedure, you notice that a new form is now required for Medicare, and the office is not currently utilizing the new form. After bringing this mistake to the office manager’s attention, you are asked to update the office’s Medicare form and outline a system to help keep the office appraised of Medicare billing and claim submission updates.

Produce a basic insurance billing information collection tool and draft a basic policy regarding patient billing. Include protocols for Medicare insurance and private insurance. This tool developed or created should have the potential to be implemented at a health care organization.

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Medicare Insurance Billing Protocol for John Cathar
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Paper Requirements

This assignment seeks to replicate an organizational deliverable; therefore, no page length requirement is given.

APA Style and Format

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