Human resources


You serve as the Human Resource Manager for a health insurance company called Epic Health Solutions. Up until this point, the Claims Department has consisted of a small number of Claims Representatives who reported directly to the Finance Director.


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Human resources
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Claims volume has recently jumped, resulting in the hiring of more Claims Representatives. You, as the Human Resource Manager, feel that a new position of Claims Supervisor is needed in order to manage the expanding claims operation.


You have decided to develop a proposal that you will submit to the CEO recommending the creation of this new position and providing the justification. In a 2-3 page report, prepared in APA style with at least two references, do the following:


Create an executive summary to describe the new position you will be creating and list the main responsibilities of the position.

Explain how this new position could benefit the company in at least three ways.

Describe how this position will work collaboratively with other positions in the company.

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