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M4: Discussion Assignment

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Initial Post: How would you go about making your older employees more comfortable with e-learning? (Be specific in your remarks.)

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Frist one : 

Making an older employee more comfortable with e-learning would be quiet tricky. Sometimes I think slowing down the learning process and taking it one step at a time is the best way to attack it. Blended learning is a short, fast paced, interactive computer based lesson program used by employers to train new employees. E-learning is very popular for employers because it allows employers to cut costs and train employees quicker than traditional ways. E-learning is preferred by employees under the age of 30 because it is very interactive and technology based. Older employees may need a slower paced, gradual learning program that first teaches them how to use the technology, then teaches them how to use it quicker and effectively. Older employees tend to struggle with new technologies, so companies need to understand that first they can’t discriminate against older employees and that they need to slow things down and work out the problems with them. I think that e-learning is a very effective way to introduce new things to employees, but I also think that learning too quickly can actually be hurtful to employees of all ages if taught too quick. Employers need to take these advances and make sure to use them effectively and in ways where the employees can retain the information. Overall, older employees will need to do some research themselves on the information presented, as well as make sure that they let employers know a good pace in which they can be taught the information.


Second one : 

Making older people (including employees) more comfortable with e-learning is a challenge.  I think it is important that older employees know it is necessary to know how to use resources like e-learning.  It benefits them in that they can learn a new skill and it benefits the employer in reduced cost of training.  That said, in choosing e-learning, the employer should check that what is being delivered to the employee is useful.  Instructions should be in clear every day language.  The writer cannot assume that terms that are meaningful to him will be understood by an older employee.  I was involved with creating instructions for using Microsoft Word for business owners who were new to using the computer.  One of the slides had an instruction that said something like ‘copy this image to this location’.  We assumed that the students would know what we meant by ‘copy’.  It turned out we had to clarify by saying ‘highlight this image with your mouse’, ‘right click and choose copy’, etc.  The other thing that made it meaningful was that they had a takeaway from the instruction (letterhead for their business) that was relevant and useful to them.  



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