Walden’s most important theme deals with the possibility of transcending one’s old life and being reborn into a spiritually elevated one.  The first step to personal reform, according to Thoreau, is the act of turning inward to discover one’s potential for greatness.  To live the transcendental life, one must not only read and think about life but experience it directly through a life of solitude.

After reading the online Thoreau selection, please contemplate Thoreau’s definition of solitude:

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“Solitude is not loneliness or isolation, but rather self-communion and introspection, a state of mind rather than an actual physical circumstance, a mystical state.”

In your response, discuss Thoreau’s ideas on solitude and spiritual growth through communion with the natural world by addressing the following:

  1. Is Thoreau alone in his solitude? How does this act of solitude help to develop spiritual and human understanding?
  2. What does solitude mean to you?
  3. Do you find solitude to be a source of healing or anxiety?

Please post your initial 250 

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