HR Case Studies


For a diverse set of reasons, the importance of human resources has grown considerably during the last twenty (20) years. These changes have altered the role of human resources and the qualifications of human resource professionals to fill that role. This case study is intended to broaden your understanding of human resources and its relevance and importance in the 21st century.  

Choose two (2) articles or case studies from peer-reviewed and/or reputable publications. One article/case study will discuss/debate the changing role of human resources and the other article/case study will discuss/debate the changing qualifications of human resource professionals. In a 3-4 page paper, summarize the changing role of human resources and the skills/qualifications of those that fill the role of human resource professionals within an organization. The case study should serve as a guide to organizations who are looking to create a progressive, forward-thinking human resource department in today’s globally competitive marketplace, and to staff that department with an innovative and creative human resource leader.

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HR Case Studies
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The case study should be inclusive of, where appropriate, course and supporting information. Case studies are graded based on completeness of the exercise along with professionalism, grammar, and spelling, and adherence to APA formatting.

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