DISCUSSION Importance of Appreciation


Post by Thursday 8/6/2015 10pm New York Time 1-2 Page Paper APA Format  reference page, In-text citations

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DISCUSSION Importance of Appreciation
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Importance of Appreciation

Given that relationship building is a key component of resource development, showing appreciation for a gift (of any size) is critical because it promotes a lasting connection between donor and organization. Appreciation also is a vehicle through which to continue cultivation and education, particularly when the appreciation strategy includes an explanation of how the donors’ gifts are being used to help the organization. In some instances, the receipt of a “thank you” prompts an unsolicited repeat (or possibly upgraded) gift from the donor! The effectiveness and appropriateness of appreciation strategies, as applied to individual donors, is in part dependent upon the cultural, social, and professional groups (e.g., ethnicity, age, religion, gender, profession, etc.) with which they identify. Keep this in mind as you complete the following assignment.

To prepare for this Discussion:

  • Review Chapter 23 in the course text Achieving Excellence in Fundraising, and focus on why appreciation is important in resource development.
  • Reflect on the cultural and other groups with which you identify (e.g., ethnicity, age, religion, gender, profession, etc.) and how each might influence which appreciation strategies you prefer.
  • Identify at least one appreciation strategy you would prefer and one appreciation strategy you would not prefer, and consider why.

With these thoughts in mind:

Post byTHURSDAY 10pm New York Time Post about the importance of appreciation in the resource development process. Then, imagine you are a donor. Describe one appreciation strategy that you would prefer and another that you would not prefer, and explain why. In your explanation, be sure to include how the cultural and other groups to which you belong influence your preferences. Finally, based on your preferences, explain at least one insight you gained about the selection of appreciation strategies.

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