Individual Project Details
Below are the details of the tasks that you have to do for this unit:
7. Assess one specif
ic activity to be performed within the process change. From the assessment,
identify the task being evaluated. Where would that activity be performed within the organization?
Who would perform the task, and who would manage, measure and evaluate task compl
etion? Make
sure you separate out the information requested (don’t place the information in a large block
8. Delineate and describe the differences between measuring human performance and task
9. Explore Six Sigma as a method used
to evaluate, measure, and encourage continuous
improvement. From this exploration
create a fishbone diagram
that addresses one risk, a potential
defect, or a problem that may result from the change which may impact goal attainment.
10. Address the value o



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11. Discover and describe at least 3 key performance indicators (KPI) for the suggested process
change that must be continuously measured to ensure success. Ensure you separate out each KPI
(don’t put your a
nswers into a single block paragraph).
12. Conduct research (using the Kaplan Library or the Internet) to compare and contrast Six Sigma,
the Balanced Scorecard, and ISO9000/9001 as different methods for preparing performance and
completion metrics. Metric
s are performance markers, utilized at different intervals during the process
timeline, to measure adherence to schedule and attainment of goals.
13. Recommend one of the three methods evaluated in question #12 as the best one for your change
process. Be
sure to thoroughly support and defend your recommendation.

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