article reaction paper


There are two article reaction paper need to be done. 

Not that hard. It only needs 2 pages.

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article reaction paper
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The instructions are listed below:

Article/ Reaction assignments will consist of three parts -1) a short REACTION paper, 2) A Table of Contents, and 3) a COPY of the article.  These assignments will be utilized as a basis for class discussion and will be worth five points each.

Article                                   1.5 Points     Quality (No ads will count)

Reaction Paper                   3 Points         What do you think? And Why?, Personal experience, Cite Text? 

Table of Contents               .5 points        No source more than twice


Reaction paper (3 points)- Read the article and answer the following questions.  Is the article correct?  Wrong?  Good?  Bad?  Expected?  Unexpected?  Etc.

  • Briefly write down your  thoughts of the article, given your current state of knowledge. ( 1 point) What do you think about it?  Why do you think this?
  • Tie it into your own experiences, using an example. ( 1 point)
  • Go to the text and find an area in your text that relates to your article.  Provide a direct quote and the associated page number. ( 1 point)  


These may be either typed or handwritten. They will be attached to the article and handed in on the designated discussion day. 


An Updated Table of Contents is required with each new article.  There will be an entry for each article that is/has been assigned. 

Each entry in the Table of Contents will be APA style.

This Table of Contents be updated with each article and be turned in each time an article and reaction is due. Table of Contents is worth ½  point each time.


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